Help us help you

Yes, when you file a helpdesk ticket, we know who you are. Of course. How else would we ever be able to get back to you? So yes, it’s true that, hypothetically speaking, we’re sometimes able to reverse engineer an incoming request from person X to installation Y.

But we’re not clairvoyant (sad but true), and it’s quite possible that even as we can identify your setup from your email address, it’s still possible that you have multiple instances of our software running.


Before filing a helpdesk ticket, try to obtain as much of the following information as possible:

  • Products involved (PMA.core,, PMA.start, My Pathomation…)
  • URLs involved and referenced
  • Webbrowser used
  • error messages
  • Screenshots
  • Folder / slides involved
  • Username and other authentication information
  • Medium (desktop, mobile, iPad, ...)

You can be as verbose as you want, by the way. If you can provide us with a stepwise approach of how to replicate an issue, or have a video recording of your incident… The more information the better!

We also have some separate guidelines for developers.